The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.8.20
Ep 1168 | 9.8.20

Ransomware or wiper? Emotet’s resurgence. Updates on Services NSW breach. COVID-19 cyberespionage. BTS replaces Guy Fawkes?

Show Notes

Thanos is back, but as ransomware or a wiper? Cyber agencies in France, Japan, and New Zealand warn of a spike in Emotet infections. Australian authorities say 186,00 were affected by the breach at Services NSW. Georgia decries cyberespionage at its Lugar Lab. COVID-19 cyberespionage efforts have been intense, as have counterintelligence efforts designed to defend labs and supply chains. Rick Howard looks at identity management. Ben Yelin covers tightened surveillance of political advisors. And Anonymous may have a successor: K-pop stans.