The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.10.20
Ep 1170 | 9.10.20

Ransomware hits Equinix. Tools for vandalism for sale. Stealing VoIP call data records. ByteDance negotiates for TikTok. EU clamps down on Facebook data handling. A high-profile Twitter hijacking.

Show Notes

Ransomware hits a major data center provider, but appears to have left service unaffected. There’s a thriving criminal market for website defacement tools: vandals can be consumers, too. CDRThief does what its name implies. ByteDance tried negotiating TikTok’s American future. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission starts enforcing Schrems II against Facebook. Awais Rashid outlines software development security pitfalls. Our guest is John Morello from Palo Alto with insights from their new State of Cloud Native Security report. And China’s ambassador to the UK has his Twitter account hacked.