The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.11.20
Ep 1171 | 9.11.20

Elemental election meddling spooks US campaigns. CISA’s email advice. Remote workers behaving badly. Momentum Cyber’s state of the Sector. The SINET 16. And remember 9/11.

Show Notes

Kittens and Pandas and Bears, oh my. Ransomware gets its skates on, but it still has loose idiomatic control. CISA has some advice on email. While at home on pandemic lockdown, a lot of people (not you) are spending too much time on unedifying sites. Momentum Cyber looks at the state of the cybersecurity sector in 2020. The SINET 16 have been announced. Chris Novak from Verizon on understanding the complexities of PFI breach investigations. Our guest is Steve Vintz from Tenable on why CFOs should lean into cybersecurity issues. And, finally, take a moment today to remember 9/11.