The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.14.20
Ep 1172 | 9.14.20

Turning good words into bad. Crooks push those exploits through aging software while they still can. A big OSINT DB out of Shenzehn. TikTok’s fate grows narrower but murkier. Wildfire misinformation.

Show Notes

Social engineers use text from legitimate recent warnings. Cybercrooks go for whatever they can get from software about to reach the end of its life. A big database filled with individual information is leaked from a Chinese government contractor. In the race to do whatever it is US companies hope to do with TikTok, Microsoft is apparently out, but Oracle is apparently in. Rick Howard looks at red versus blue. Our gust is Colby Prior, Infrastructure Engineer for AusCERT, on running honeypots. And the FBI wants you to know, contrary what you may have seen online, that Oregon wildfires are not extremist arson.