The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.17.20
Ep 1175 | 9.17.20

Criminal markets and the criminals who shop there. Elections may be safe and secure, but influence operations seem here to stay. TikTok’s state of play. Indictments and extraditions.

Show Notes

Cerberus is available for free, the Empire Market’s old and betrayed customers are probably looking for another marketplace where English is spoken, and it seems the Russian mob is selling access to North Korea’s Lazarus Group. NSA thinks US elections will be safe and secure, but that influence operations are probably here to stay. Betsy Carmelite from BAH on medical device security, our guest is Jonathan Langer from Medigate on lessons to help clinical and IT leaders at institutions heavily affected by COVID-19. Two Iranians are indicted for espionage and theft, and more evidence allegedly surfaces of Huawei’s role in sanctions evasion.