The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.10.16
Ep 118 | 6.10.16

Breach reactions. Attention grid substations: squirrels, and snakes, and monkeys, oh my...

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear from the experts on how old data breaches can cross-contaminate users' other accounts. Point-of-sale problems seem ready to grow in the recent Wendy's incident. Ransomware's shifting landscape sees Locky's distribution botnet vanish (for unclear reasons), Crysis replace TeslaCrypt, and CryptXXX jump exploit kits. Some startups get some nice VC rounds. We hear about the law surrounding mobile location data, and we're reminded of cyber-physical threats to security systems and critical infrastucture. Markus Rauschecker from the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security reviews an important circuit court privacy decision, and researcher Wesley Wineberg warns us about embedded security cameras.