The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.25.20
Ep 1181 | 9.25.20

Lots of coordinated inauthenticity, but a small return in influence. Confidence building in cyberspace? CISA reports finding that a Federal agency was hacked. Cyberattacks on hospitals are up.

Show Notes

Facebook takes down three Russian networks for coordinated inauthenticity: a lot of activity but not much evident ROI. Russia calls for confidence-building measures in cyberspace. CISA detects a successful incursion into an unnamed Federal agency. Governments warn of heightened rates of cyberattacks against medical organizations. Mike Benjamin from Lumen joins us with details on Alina malware. Our guest is James Dawson with insights on how to best calibrate your security budget. And there’s a not-guilty plea in the case of the attempted bribery of a Tesla insider.