The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.29.20
Ep 1183 | 9.29.20

Ransomware versus shipping, hospitals, and schools. Cyberattacks’ growing sophistication. An interim rule enables implementation of the US Defense Department’s CMMC program.

Show Notes

Three (count ‘em) three big ransomware attacks are in progress. One of them has moved into its doxing phase. Microsoft resolves authentication problems that briefly disrupted services yesterday. Tracking trends in cyberattacks--the sophistication seems to lie in the execution. The US Defense Department now has an interim rule implementing its CMMC program. Ben Yelin describes the extensive use of facial recognition software by the LAPD. Our guest is Christy Wyatt from Absolute on their Endpoint Resilience report. And why do hackers hack? To a large extent it seems they do so...because they can.