The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.30.20
Ep 1184 | 9.30.20

Opportunistic paydays and soft targets. Crooks use captchas and padlocks, too. Protecting against Zerologon. A microelectronics strategy.

Show Notes

Ransomware gangs continue to look for an opportunistic payday. Another exposed database is found, and secured. Captchas and padlock icons have their place, but they’re not a guarantee of security. Microsoft explains how to reduce exposure to Zerologon. The US looks to reduce dependence on foreign microelectronics. Joe Carrigan has thoughts on Facebook running SuperPAC ads. Our guest is Sanjay Gupta from Mitek on how online marketplaces can balance security with biometrics. And there’s just one shopping day before National Cybersecurity Month.