The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.2.20
Ep 1186 | 10.2.20

CISA and Cyber Command describe a new RAT. Emotet spams Team Blue. Spyware campaigns described. Maritime sector hacks. And another reason not to pay the ransom.

Show Notes

SlothfulMedia is the new RAT in town. Emotet spam counts on political commitments. ESET describes two distinct spyware campaigns in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Hackers are paying more attention than usual to the maritime sector. Awais Rashid from the University of Bristol on privacy concerns of contact tracing apps. Our guest is Krystle Portocarrero from Juniper Networks on the continued rise of encryption and the technical and privacy challenges that come with it. And the US Treasury Department cautions all that paying up in a ransomware attack might land you in sanctions hot water.