The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.5.20
Ep 1187 | 10.5.20

Maritime shipping hacks remind observers of NotPetya. Spyware through the firmware. New ransomware strain. Huawei in Europe. Go ahead, Lefty, give ‘em your fingerprints.

Show Notes

Attacks on maritime shipping organizations raise concerns about global supply chains. Someone’s pushing spyware through the firmware. Someone else is messing with the heads of Trickbot’s masters. A new ransomware strain, Egregor, shows again that a ransomware attack amounts to a data breach. Huawei may be losing ground in Europe. Mike Benjamin from Lumen on DDoS ransoms. Scott Algeier from IT-ISAC looks back on 20 years of information sharing. And criminals give their fingerprints to police, virtually.