The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.6.20
Ep 1188 | 10.6.20

New, Mirai-based threat in the wild. PLA told to steer clear of US election stories. Big data in small spreadsheets. John McAfee arrested. A hackable marital (or something) aid.

Show Notes

Spyware version of Mirai detected in the wild. The People’s Liberation Army is told, by its government, to lighten up on US election stories. Centripetal wins a major patent lawsuit. Excel is not a big data tool. John McAfee is arrested on US tax charges. Our guest is Roger Barranco from Akamai on tracking increased DDoS attacks. Ben Yelin on a case involving warrants for Wifi location data. And an aid to chastity is found to be hackable, but at least it errs on the side of continence.