The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.7.20
Ep 1189 | 10.7.20

Cyber conflict in the Caucasus. Zerologon exploited in the wild. Emotet rising. The Four Horsemen of Silicon Valley. Alt-coin regulation. DDoS in Honolulu.

Show Notes

Cyber ops accompany fighting in the Caucasus. Iranian threat group exploits Zerologon in the wild. The Kraken gets unleashed in Southeast Asia, of all places. Emotet is back, and it’s after state and local governments. The US House identifies the Four Horsemen of Silicon Valley. Monero gains criminal market share. The US Comptroller of the Currency moves for clarity in alt-coin regulation. Joe Carrigan takes a look at ransomware trends. Our guest is Mathew Newfield from Unisys with remote school safety tips for students and parents. And a cyberattack from Waikiki.