The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.9.20
Ep 1191 | 10.9.20

A Parliamentary report alleges active Huawei cooperation with Chinese intelligence. Coordinated inauthenticity, mostly focused on domestic opinion. Guilty pleas from former eBayers.

Show Notes

A Parliamentary committee issues a scathing report on Huawei’s connection to the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China. Facebook takes down coordinated inauthenticity with a domestic focus in four countries. Twitter goes after influence operators in four other countries. Betsy Carmelite addresses threats to telehealth platforms. Our guests are the FBI’s Herb Stapleton and the US Secret Service’s Greg McAleer new multi-agency mission center to tackle the highest priority cyber criminal threats facing the US. And two of the former eBayers charged in a cyber-stalking case have taken their expected guilty pleas.