The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.22.20
Ep 1199 | 10.22.20

Recent email threats to US voters appear to be an Iranian operation. Notes on cyberespionage and influence operations. Hold the “blatant Russophobia,” TASS?

Show Notes

Emailed election threats to US voters are identified as an Iranian influence operation, disruptive, and so more in the Russian style. Both Iran and Russia appear to be preparing direct marketing influence campaigns. Cyber criminals are also exploiting US election news as phishbait. Seedworm is said to be ‘retooling.” Caleb Barlow from Cynergistek on contact tracing and privacy as students head back to school. Our guest is Jadee Hanson from Code 42 on juggling priorities and protecting her organization as external and internal threats constantly take aim. And TASS deplores the “blatant Russophobia” of recent Five Eyes’ official remarks.