The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.28.20
Ep 1203 | 10.28.20

Warnings about the DPRK’s Kimsuky Group. Election security in the US during the endgame. Section 220 and Big Tech. Another guilty plea in the eBay-related cyberstalking case.

Show Notes

US authorities warn that North Korea’s Kimsuky APT is out and about and bent on espionage, with a little cryptojacking on the side. As the US elections enter their endgame, observers point out that the appearance of hacking can be just as effective for foreign influence operations as the reality. CISA continues to tweet rumor control and election reassurance. Joe Carirgan share developments in end-to-end encryption. Our guest is Bilyana Lilly from RAND on Russia’s strategic messaging on social media (and the disinformation that may be a part of it). Big Tech returns to Capitol Hill. And another guilty plea in the strange case of eBay-related cyberstalking.