The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.5.20
Ep 1209 | 11.5.20

CISA’s happy but still wary. Election-themed criminal malspam. New ransomware goes after VMs. Why it makes no sense to trust extortionists.

Show Notes

CISA declares a modest but satisfying victory for election security, but cautions that it’s not over yet. Criminal gangs are using election-themed phishbait in malspam campaigns. A new strain of ransomware attacks virtual machines. Robert M. Lee from Dragos on the impact climate change could have on ICS security. Our guest is Kelly White of RiskRecon on healthcare organizations managing risk across extensive third party relationships. And if you wondered if the criminals who offered to securely destroy the data they stole if the victims paid the ransom, well, signs point to “no.”