The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.6.20
Ep 1210 | 11.6.20

IRGC domains taken down. A look at 2021’s threatscape. Russia says its didn’t do anything (others see Bears.) Forfeiture of Silk Road’s hitherto unaccounted for billion-plus dollars.

Show Notes

The US Justice Department takes down twenty-seven domains being used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Booz Allen offers its take on the 2021 threatscape. Russia declares itself innocent of bad behavior in cyberspace, but many remain skeptical. Johannes Ullrich from SANS looks at Supply Chain Risks and Managed Service Providers. Our own Rick Howard speaks with Wired’s Andy Greenberg about the recent Sandworm indictments. Silk Road’s mission billion dollars appear to have been found, and the US Government is working on a forfeiture action.