The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.8.20
Ep 1229 | 12.8.20

IoT supply chain vulnerabilities described. Spyware in the hands of drug cartels. National security and telecom equipment. US NDAA includes many cyber provisions. Fraud as a side hustle.

Show Notes

AMNESIA:33 vulnerabilities infest the IoT supply chain. Lawful intercept spyware allegedly finds its way from Mexican police into the hands of drug cartels. Finland’s parliament approves exclusion of telecom equipment on security grounds. The US National Defense Authorization Act’s cyber provisions. Online fraud seems to have become a side hustle. Ben Yelin responds to Supreme Court arguments in a Computer Fraud and Abuse Act case. Our guest is Darren Mar-Elia from Semperis on group policy security. And Moscow police are looking for the crooks who hacked secure delivery lockers.