The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.9.20
Ep 1230 | 12.9.20

Bear prints in Oslo and Silicon Valley. Deepfakes may be finally coming... maybe... CISA issues ICS alerts, some having to do with AMNESIA:30. A quick trip through Patch Tuesday.

Show Notes

Norway calls out the GRU for espionage against the Storting. The SVR (probably) hacks FireEye. Huawei tested recognition software designed to spot Uighurs. 2021 predictions from Avast hold that next year might be the year deepfakes come into their own. CISA issues a long list of industrial control system alerts. Joe Carrigan looks at the iOS zero-click radio proximity vulnerability. Our guest is Matt Drake, director of cyber intelligence at SAIC on what the recents elections can tell us about threat intelligence. And yesterday was Patch Tuesday--do you know where your vulnerabilities are?