The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.10.20
Ep 1231 | 12.10.20

Facebook faces anti-trust suit. COVID-19 vaccine cyberespionage. Emissary Panda spotting. SQL databases for sale. Notes on the FireEye breach, the end of Flash, and the Mirai botnet.

Show Notes

Facebook faces a US antitrust suit. Cyberespionage hits the European Medicines Agency, apparently looking for COVID-19 vaccine information. Emissary Panda is out and about. A simple ransomware campaign goes for success through volume. Stolen SQL databases are offered for sale back to their owners. React to the FireEye breach, but don’t over-react. We welcome Kevin McGee from Microsoft Canada to the show. Our guest is Liviu Arsene from Bitdefender with insights Business Threat Landscape report for 2020. Flash nears its end-of-life. Predictions for 2020, and another guilty plea in the Mirai case.