The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.18.20
Ep 1237 | 12.18.20

Cozy Bear has been very successful at being very bad. Advice on dealing with the supply chain compromise. Joker’s Stash has its problems. And a few thoughts on the near future.

Show Notes

Cozy Bear’s software supply chain compromise and its massive cyberespionage effort against the US Government and the associated private sector, is still being untangled. But it’s very extensive, very bad, and very tough to remediate. Both CISA and NSA have advice about the incident, and we check in with Robert M. Lee from Dragos for his thoughts. John Pescatore from SANS advocates renewing our focus on information security. Iran may be running a ransomware campaign for influence purposes. The Joker’s Stash criminal souk appears to have taken a hit. And don’t let your guard down during the holidays.