The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.5.21
Ep 1242 | 1.5.21

It’s not Kates and Vals over Ford Island, but it’s not just a tourist under diplomatic cover taking pictures of Battleship Row, either. Another APT side hustle? To delist or not to delist.

Show Notes

More assessments of the Solorigate affair, with an excursus on Pearl Harbor. Shareholders open a class action suit against SolarWinds, but no signs of an enforcement action for speculated insider trading. Emissary Panda seems to be working an APT side hustle. Kevin Magee has insights from the Microsoft Digital Defense Report. Our guest is Jason Passwaters from Intel 471 with a look at the growing range of ransomware as a service offerings. And to-ing and fro-ing on Chinese telecoms at the New York Stock Exchange.