The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.2.21
Ep 1261 | 2.2.21

Coups d’état and Internet disruption. Cyberespionage in the supply chain, again. SonicWall zero day exploited in the wild. Tracking criminal infrastructure-as-a-service. Data breach in Washington State.

Show Notes

Myanmar’s junta jams the Internet. Operation NightScout looks like a highly targeted cyberespionage campaign delivered through a compromised supply chain. SonicWall zero day is being actively exploited in the wild. StrangeU and RandomU are filling a niche in the criminal-to-criminal market. Ben Yelin ponders whether the Solarwinds attack can be considered an act of war. Our guest Jamie Brown from Tenable on the National Cyber Director position and what it means for the Biden administration. Another data breach is associated with Accellion FTA. And it’s Groundhog Day, campers.