The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.12.21
Ep 1269 | 2.12.21

Alleged hardware backdoors, again. Selling game source code. ICS security, especially with respect to water utility cybersabotage. Don’t be the hacker’s valentine.

Show Notes

Bloomberg revives its reporting on hardware backdoors on chipsets. Has someone bought the source code for the Witcher and Cyberpunk? CISA issues ICS alerts. The FBI and CISA offer advice about water system cybersabotage as state and local utilities seek to learn from the Oldsmar attack. Verizon’s Chris Novak ponders if you should get your Cybersecurity DIY, managed, or co-managed? Our guest is David Barzilai from Karamba Security on the growing importance of IoT security. And, looking for love on Valentine’s Day? Look carefully...and don’t give that intriguing online stranger money, We know, we know, they seem nice, but still...