The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.3.21
Ep 1281 | 3.3.21

RedEcho under investigation (amid reassurances). Stopping Operation Exchange Marauder. Containing Ursnif. Cyber proliferation. And another round in the Crypto Wars.

Show Notes

India continues to investigate the possibility of RedEcho cybersabotage of its power distribution system, but says any hack was stopped and contained. Microsoft issues an out-of-band patch against a Chinese-run “Operation Exchange Marauder.” The financial sector works to contain an Ursnif outbreak. CISA issues ICS security advisories. Myanmar and the difficulty of stopping cyber proliferation. Joe Carrigan looks at CNAME cloaking. Our guest is author Neil Daswani from Stanford University’s Advanced Security Certification Program, on his upcoming book Big Breaches - Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone. And another round in the Crypto Wars seems ready to start.