The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.15.21
Ep 1289 | 3.15.21

Looking for leaks in the Microsoft Exchange Server exploitation. International cyber conflict. Sky Global executives indicted in the US. Scammer demands £1000 pounds to go on do-not-call list.

Show Notes

Microsoft is looking for a possible leak behind the spread of Exchange Server exploits, and hackers piggyback on webshells placed by other threat actors. The US Government continues to mull how to respond to Holiday Bear and Hafnium. Britain’s PM calls for greater offensive cyber capabilities. India looks for ways of countering China in cyberspace. Sky Global executives indicted for alleged racketeering. Accenture’s Josh Ray takes on defending against nation states. Rick Howard aims the hash table at third party cloud security. And what does it cost to be on a do-not-call list? Nothing. Really.