The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.17.21
Ep 1291 | 3.17.21

US report on 2020 foreign election meddling is out, and Russian and Iran are prominently mentioned in dispatches. Recovering from the Hafnium and Holiday Bear campaigns.

Show Notes

The US Intelligence Community has released its report on 2020 foreign election meddling. It found no successful hacking, but a lot of clever influence operations. Ukraine says it stopped a significant Russian cyberespionage campaign. Recovery from the SolarWinds and Exchange Server compromises continues. Joe Carrigan shares thoughts on the Verkada hack. Our guest is Oscar Pedroso from Thimble on getting kids hooked on technology. And no, that celebrity tweeter isn’t really going to send you $2000 for every $1000 you give back to the community.