The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.23.21
Ep 1295 | 3.23.21

Updates on the state of Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerability, patching, and exploitation. Third-party breaches affect Shell and AFCEA. TikTok’s privacy. A manga site goes down.

Show Notes

Exchange Server patching is going well, they say, but they also say that patching isn’t enough. Crooks are continuing to look for unpatched instances, and even in the patched systems, you’ve got to check to make sure the bad actors have been found and ejected. AFCEA and Shell both disclose being affected by third-party breaches. Citizen Lab sees no particular problem with TikTok. Ben Yelin ponders possible US response to the Microsoft Exchange Server attacks. Our guest is Alex Gizis from Connectify using VPNs to thwart government internet restrictions in Myanmar. And a major manga fan site is down.