The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.28.16
Ep 130 | 6.28.16

Not interested in Fancy Bear? Fancy Bear's interested in you. No dark-grey hats, please.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we get an update on the Russian threat group that hit the DNC. A hacker claims to have nine million health insurance records for sale on the dark web. Too many medical devices are vulnerable to Windows 7 and XP exploits. What scared the Nuclear exploit kit's operators. The IRS takes down its e-filing PIN system, and OPM acknowledges its breach affected tens of millions more than just those seeking clearances. We hear some merger and acquisition news, catch up on some workforce training initiatives, and hear about some black hats who'd like their celebrity victims to think of them as white hats. Law expert Ben Yelin from the Center for Health and Homeland Security tells the tale of a well-intentioned security researcher raider by the FBI. Cisco's Tejas Vashi outlines their $10 million cyber security scholarship program.