The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.9.21
Ep 1308 | 4.9.21

A new Lazarus backdoor. Malvertising for a bogus Clubhouse app. Cryptojacking the academy. When is a cartel not a cartel? Strategic competition between the US and China. Choking Twitter.

Show Notes

Lazarus Group has a new backdoor. Bogus Clubhouse app advertised on Facebook. Cryptojacking goes to school. A ransomware cartel is forming, but so far apparently without much profit-sharing. The US Senate is preparing to make strategic competition with China the law of the land. Dinah Davis from Arctic Wolf looks at phony COVID sites. Our guest is Jaclyn Miller from NTT Managed Services Americas, Formerly Secure-24 on the importance of mentoring the next generation. And Russia remains displeased with a lot of Twitter’s content.