The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.16.21
Ep 1313 | 4.16.21

International reactions to US sanctions against Russia (positively reviewed in Europe and the UK, but panned by Russia). Continuing threats to the cold chain. Natanz back in business? Data breach notes.

Show Notes

The European Union expresses solidarity with the US over the SolarWinds incident. The UK joins the US in attributing the incident to Russia. Russia objects to US sanctions and hints strongly that it intends to retaliate. IBM discloses new cyber threats to the COVID-19 vaccine cold chain. Iran says Natanz is back in business. Kevin Magee from Microsoft looks at the security of startups. Our guest is Brad Ree of ioXt Alliance with results from their Mobile IoT Benchmark report. And data breaches hit people who park and people who read.