The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.18.21
Ep 1335 | 5.18.21

WastedLocker being distributed in RIG campaign. Investigation of the DarkSide attack on Colonial Pipeline. More ransomware gangs go offline. Double encryption. Third-party stalkerware risk.

Show Notes

A new RIG campaign is distributing WastedLocker. The US Congress considers two bills informed by the Colonial Pipeline incident, and Congressional committees are looking at the company’s response to the attack. More ransomware gangs go offline, but Conti is still trying to collect from the Irish government. Double encryption appears to be an emerging trend in ransomware. Ben Yelin looks at insurance companies clamping down on ransomware payments. Our guest is Nick Gregory of Capsule8 with thoughts on the Linux security landscape. And there’s another problem with stalkerware: third-party risk.