The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.20.21
Ep 1337 | 5.20.21

DarkSide: absconding, rebranding, or retiring to a life of penitence? (Probably the first two.) Israeli airstrikes said to target Hamas cyber ops centers. Apps behaving badly. Notes on phishbait.

Show Notes

Did DarkSide really see the light and shut down, with a sincere promise of reform and restitution, or is the gang just rebranding? Researchers look at DarkSide ransomware and find complexity and sophistication. Israel says airstrikes in Gaza were intended to take out Hamas cyber ops facilities. Poor practices seem to have exposed data of millions of Android app users. Phishing from call centers and cloud services. David Dufour from Webroot looks at hacker psychology. Our guest is Rob Price from Snow Software on Shadow IT. And who dunnit to SolarWinds? Not the intern.