The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.21.21
Ep 1338 | 5.21.21

DarkSide still more-or-less dark. Updates on Colonial Pipeline and HSE ransomware attacks. CNA said to have paid $40 million in ransom. Cyber privateers and cyber mercenaries.

Show Notes

The US remains officially mum on whether it took down DarkSide, but it still looks as if the ransomware gang absconded on its own. Colonial Pipeline now faces legal fallout from its ransomware incident. Speculation about how states might handle cyber privateering. Conti’s attack on HSE is described as “catastrophic.” Russia says it was hit by foreign cyber mercenaries last year. Craig Williams from Cisco Talos explains Discord abuses. Our guest is Jon Ford from Mandiant on their M-Trends 2021 report. And CNA pays cyber extortionists $40 million.