The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.25.21
Ep 1340 | 5.25.21

CryptoCore traced to Pyongyang. Ransomware and risk management. Gangs regroup. A would-be hacker-by-bribery is sentenced in Nevada.

Show Notes

The CryptoCore campaign that looted cryptocurrency exchanges is said to have been the work of North Korea’s Lazarus Group. Insurers are taking a hard look at ransomware and the cyber insurance policies that might cover it. Managing ransomware risk, and a role for standards bodies. Can there be such a thing as responsible disclosure of decryptors and other remediation tools? Ransomware gangs regroup. Perry Carpenter previews the new 8th Layer Insights podcast. Rick Howard speaks with authors Doug Barth and Evan Gilman. And it’s time served plus deportation in the case of an unsuccessful hacker.