The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.27.21
Ep 1342 | 5.27.21

Impersonation campaign targets China’s Uyghur minority. US DHS issues pipeline cybersecurity requirements. Recovering from ransomware. Notes on privateering.

Show Notes

Chinese-speaking operators are reported to be phishing to compromise devices belonging to Uyghurs. The US Department of Homeland Security issues pipeline cybersecurity regulations. Security companies take various approaches to offering decryptors against ransomware. Huawei would like to chat with President Biden. Rick Howard speaks with authors Peter Singer and Emerson Brooking on their book "LikeWar - The Weaponization of Social Media". Our guest is Darren Shou of NortonLifeLock on the findings of the 6th annual Norton Cyber Safety Insights Report. And a few notes on privateers, then and now, whether on High Barbaree or the dark net.