The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.1.21
Ep 1344 | 6.1.21

Saboteurs trying to look like crooks? CISA on the USAID phishing incident. US receives criticism for alleged surveillance of allies. Epsilon Red is out. No weed, just alt-coin.

Show Notes

Iran’s wiper attacks may have been posing as criminal gang capers. CISA issues an alert on the USAID Constant Contact credential compromise. European governments express concern over reports of US surveillance (enabled, allegedly, by Danish organizations). Epsilon Red ransomware is out and active. Ben Yelin looks at Florida Governor DeSantis’ bill aimed at Social Media companies. Our guest is Giovanni Vigna from VMware with highlights from their 2020 Threat Landscape Report. And police come looking for cannabis farming and find coin-mining rigs instead.