The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.4.21
Ep 1347 | 6.4.21

Advice on ransomware from the US National Security Council. JBS announces its recovery from the REvil attack. Cyber diplomacy (and maybe retaliation). Ransomware-themed phishbait.

Show Notes

JBS recovers from its REvil ransomware attack, and this and other apparent instances of privateering will figure among the agenda at the upcoming US-Russia summit. (The US is said to be mulling retaliation.) The White House issues general advice on preparing for ransomware attacks. The Tokyo Olympic committee suffers a data breach. Ransomware may have interrupted some media livestreaming yesterday. Attribution in the MTA attack. Dinah Davis from arctic wolf helps prevent your SOC from becoming ineffective. Carole Theriault warns of data privacy leaks in online home tours. And ransomware-themed phishbait.