The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.8.21
Ep 1349 | 6.8.21

FBI claws back a lot of the ransom DarkSide collected. An international dragnet uses an encrypted chat app to pull in more than 800 suspects. Navistar discloses a cyber incident.

Show Notes

The FBI seized a large portion of the funds DarkSide obtained from its extortion of Colonial Pipeline. An international sweep stings more than eight-hundred suspected criminals who were caught while using an encrypted chat app law enforcement was listening in on. CISA advises users to update their VMware instances. A new phishing campaign distributes Agent Tesla. Ben Yelin examines renewed controversy surrounding Clearview AI. Our guest is Aimee George Leery from Booz Allen on the challenging intersection of secure spaces and work from home. And a major truck maker discloses a cyber incident.