The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.10.21
Ep 1351 | 6.10.21

Deciding to pay ransom - the cases of JBS and Colonial Pipeline. Gangland branding. Constituent management system hit. Notes on the FBI’s partial recovery of DarkSide’s ransom take.

Show Notes

JBS discloses that it paid REvil roughly eleven-million dollars in ransom. REvil not only had a good haul, but the gang made a few points about its brand, too. Colonial Pipeline explains, and defends, its decision to pay ransom. The US Congress has a third-party problem that constituents may or may not notice. Dan Prince from Lancaster University on the science of cybersecurity. Our guest is Kris McConkey from PwC on their Cyber Threats 2020 - Report on the Global Threat Landscape. The FBI’s recovery of some of the ransom Colonial Pipeline paid to the DarkSide was good, but it doesn’t necessarily represent a new normal.