The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.21.21
Ep 1358 | 6.21.21

South Korea’s nuclear research institute discloses cyberespionage incident. Norway attributes 2018 incident to China. Poland blames Russia for email hacking as NATO clarifies alliance cyber policy.

Show Notes

The South Korean nuclear research organization sustained an apparent cyberespionage incident. Norway’s investigation of its 2018 breach of government networks concludes that China’s APT31 was behind it. Poland accuses Russia in a long-running email hacking case. Our guest is Mark Testoni from SAP NS2 on where the Justice Department should focus during its upcoming cyber review. Chris Novak of Verizon on financial vs. espionage breaches. NATO seeks to clarify its policies in cyberspace, including a recommitment to Article 5 and a revision of the Tallinn Manual.