The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.25.21
Ep 1362 | 6.25.21

REvil is back. Misconfiguration with major effect. Mining Monero. Judgments against market-rigging hackers. A FIN7 operator is sentenced.

Show Notes

REvil hits a Brazilian medical diagnostics company and a British fashion retailer. A misconfigured cloud database exposes millions of WordPress user records. A new cryptojacker is deploying XMrig to mine Monero. A judgment is issued against a hacker and one of the traders he worked with to trade securities on non-public information. Johannes Ullrich from SANS on server site request forgery and errors in validating IP addresses. Our guest is Tom Patterson from Unisys reacts to the DOJ launching a ransomware taskforce. A FIN7 operator is sentenced to seven years.