The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.1.21
Ep 1366 | 7.1.21

Large-scale GRU brute-forcing campaign in progress. IndigoZebra in Afghanistan. A ransomware gang scorecard. A cyber most-wanted list. Are the phone lines open?

Show Notes

US and British authorities warn of a large-scale GRU campaign aimed at brute-forcing its way into European and American organizations. Reports of a major cyberattack on German critical infrastructure appear very much exaggerated. IndigoZebra uses Dropbox in ministry-to-ministry deception aimed at the Afghan government. Currently active ransomware groups are profiled, and REvil is now going after Linux systems in addition to Windows machines. A cyber most-wanted, and priorities in a US Treasury campaign against money laundering. Malek Ben Salem looks at supply chain security. Our guest is Brandon Hoffman of Intel471 with insights on China’s data underground. And, hey, it’s Dmitri from Yurga, long-time listener, first-time caller.