The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.8.16
Ep 137 | 7.8.16

Classified info--goose sauce, gander sauce. Security industry buoyed by Avast, AVG.

Show Notes

In today’s podcast, we talk through the ramifications of Android encryption issues. Experts consider the implications of D-Link vulnerabilities for IoT security. The Wendy’s paycard breach has gotten much bigger. Familiar exploits circulate in the wild, and Mac backdoors make a comeback. CryptXXX is joined by a new ransomware variant, Cryptobit, and DedCryptor continues to play the Grinch. Avast’s purchase of AVG encourages the markets. The EU adopts new data regulations aimed at improving resilience. The FBI explains what it found in its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and defense attorneys find new lines of defense. Accenture's Malek Ben Salem shares how big data can help wth analytics, and we learn about early-stage startup accelerators from Mach 37's Bob Stratton.