The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.28.21
Ep 1384 | 7.28.21

US ICS Cybersecurity Initiative formalized. Developments in the ransomware world. Addressing known vulnerabilities. Caucasus coinmining crackdown. A long-running IRGC catphishing campaign.

Show Notes

US formally establishes its Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Initiative. Shooting wars in cyberspace. Developments in the ransomware criminal souks. This week’s iOS update may have closed the vulnerability exploited by NSO Group’s Pegasus intercept tool. The US, UK, and Australia issue a joint advisory on the most exploited vulnerabilities. Abkhazia’s crackdown on coinminers. Guest Anup Ghosh of Fidelis Cybersecurity shares his views on the private sector hacking back and alternatives to doing so. Joe Carrigan looks at the Mespinoza ransomware gang. And meet Marcy Flores, the Robin Sage of Liverpool aerobics.