The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.3.21
Ep 1388 | 8.3.21

Apparent ransomware disrupts Italian vaccine scheduling system. Cyberespionage compromised Southeast Asian telcos. RAT and phishing in the wild. Cybercriminals explain themselves.

Show Notes

An apparent ransomware attack hits Italy’s online vaccine-scheduling service. A Chinese cyberespionage campaign hits Southeast Asian telcos enroute to high-value targets. Some strategic context for Beijing’s espionage. FatalRAT is spreading by Telegram. Crafty phishing spoofs SharePoint. Joe Carrigan has thoughts on HP's latest Threat Insights Report. Our guest is Marc Gaffan of Hysolate who reveals the “Enterprise Security Paradox”. Plus, Conversations with BlackMatter, and a look at the inside of ransomware negotiations.