The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.6.21
Ep 1391 | 8.6.21

FTC warns of smishing targeting the unemployed. Initial access: buying it one way or another. Is the criminal gig economy vulnerable? Ransomware continues to hit healthcare.

Show Notes

Smishing campaigns are seeking to exploit the unemployed. Initial access brokers seem not to have missed a beat, although some gangs are seeking to bypass them by trolling for rogue insiders. Are criminal enterprises vulnerable on the gig economy front? Criminal affiliates are disgruntled--good. Clearly, healthcare isn’t off the target list. Thomas Etheridge from CrowdStrike on eCrime Extortion. Chris Jacobs from ThreatQuotient joins us with a look back at BlackHat. Anup Gosh from Fidelis Cybersecurity, with insights on active defense.