The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.10.21
Ep 1393 | 8.10.21

A threat to release stolen proprietary data. The C2C market: division of labor and loss-leading marketing ploys. Misconfigured Salesforce Communities. Sanctions-induced headwinds for Huawei.

Show Notes

RansomEXX threatens to release stolen proprietary data. Some looks at the C2C market, the criminal division of labor, and a splashy carder marketing ploy. Misconfigured Salesforce Communities expose organizational data. Our guest is Ron Brash from Verve Industrial on a CISA advisory regarding GE ICS equipment. Ben Yelin on the proposed U.S. Bureau of Cyber Statistics. Huawei faces sanctions-induced headwinds. Mexico’s investigation of Pegasus abuse continues, but so far without arrests or resignations.