The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.11.21
Ep 1394 | 8.11.21

A $600 million alt-coin heist. LockBit claims it hit Accenture. A false-flag cyberespionage campaign. A REvil key is posted. AlphaBay is back. Facebook takes down vaccine disinfo campaign.

Show Notes

Cross-chain attack steals millions in cryptocurrency. LockBit claims to have hit Accenture, but Accenture says with negligible consequences. Emissary Panda flies a false Iranian flag. Ekranoplan posts a key for the REvil strain used against Kaseya. AlphaBay has risen from the grave, sort of. Johannes Ullrich has thoughts on resetting 2FA. Our guest is Idan Plotnik from Apiiro on their win of the 2021 RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest. And you can’t fool us, you bought-and-paid-for influencers you: no vaccine is going to turn us into monkeys.